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intergrated text editor?

I was wondering if you have any plans to include a text editor at some time? I would love to be able to view and edit documents in their own window within EagleFiler, without the need of an external editor.

The same goes for viewing html-files/webarchives.


My current plans are to support editing in the viewer pane of EagleFiler’s three-pane windows. I wasn’t planning to support opening documents in their own window in EagleFiler. You can already do this to some extent by using the Open In New Window command, which will open a new three-pane window, and I plan to make it easier to hide the source list and records list so that you can see more of the document. Beyond that, I think you’ll probably be better served using specialized apps like BBEdit, Word, Preview, Safari, etc. than for me to try to duplicate their viewing and editing functionality in EagleFiler.

Thanks for the quick reply. I am indeed looking just for simple editing, nothing fancy. That’s why I asked really. For me it seems counter productive to open a text file in another application just to do some simple formatting/typing etc. Look forward to the updates.

Added in EagleFiler 1.1.

ha - absolutely brilliant. Thanks! Love all the other new features as well. Simply amazing! :smiley: