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Intermittently Working

That pretty much sums it up. Spamsieve will work for several days and then on my iPhone I will notice that all of my flagged spam starts to show up in my inbox. So I will go in on the iMac and quit Apple Mail and restart Spamsieve and then open Apple Mail and it starts working again. It even goes through the inbox and deletes all the spam that had been stuck there. It’s like Spamsieve just decides to stop working out of the blue and won’t start again until I restart it. Any suggestions? Already reinstalled and did all the basic standard troubleshooting steps.Thanks a bunch!

It sounds like you’re running into the general bug (not related to SpamSieve) where Apple Mail under Mac OS X 10.9 sometimes stops receiving new messages until it’s restarted.

Yep, that sounds like my problem. And obviously no fix other than just constantly taking offline and back online. How annoying. Doesn’t help me much when outta town and can’t take it offline. Thanks for the reply!

Hopefully Apple will fix this soon. In the meantime, perhaps there’s a way you could use an AppleScript to periodically quit and relaunch Mail.

That’s exactly what I was planning on looking into. Should be able to. Thanks again.