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iPhone 3G & MobileMe

Specifically can anyone tell me how to set up my MobileMe account and iPhone 3G so that I can use push on my iPhone without getting spammed? I get around 2500 spam messages per day. SpamSieve works well on my computer. But I can’t use the mail on my iPhone at all.

If a lot of spam that gets through MobileMe’s spam filter, you should not use push. I think it’s really as simple as that. SpamSieve can clean the spam out of the inbox, but using push will ensure that you see the spam on the iPhone before SpamSieve has had a chance to look at it. On the other hand, if you turn off push, generally when you load the inbox on the iPhone it will already have been cleaned.

So MobileMe does have a Spam Filter?
I didn’t realize that. I saw a previous post that said that I could make sure the Mac and iPhone are connected via IMAP/MobileMe/.Mac rather than POP. Currently my mail on my Mac is set up for POP.

You can enable MobileMe’s junk filter by logging in to http://www.me.com/mail/ and choosing Preferences from the gear menu. If you do this, you’ll also need to periodically check its Junk mailbox to make sure it didn’t get rid of any good messages.

Yes, you should definitely change it so that SpamSieve can remove the spam from your iPhone. If your Mac will usually be connected and able to run SpamSieve, I would use it alone rather than combining it with MobileMe’s junk filter. Otherwise, you could use MobileMe as a first line of defense for when SpamSieve isn’t running.