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iPhone IMAP interference


I have SS (2.6.4) working with Entourage '04 and my iPhone almost perfectly (using IMAP of course).

The one main problem is this: the iPhone checks for mail every 15 minutes. Entourage checks for mail every 1 minute (the highest frequency allowed). When a spam message is received, if the iPhone happens to check the account before Entourage triggers a SS check, then the spam appears (and remains) on the iPhone. In Entourage, that same spam then remains in the Imap’s Inbox, although it is categorized as junk email. It does not get moved out of the Inbox.

Is there any way to avoid this “iPhone saw it first” spam problem? Something around 5-10 spams get “through the net” this way per day…

Any idears appreciated!

I’m not sure. This is really a general question, not specific to SpamSieve, about how Entourage applies its rules to IMAP messages. If you re-apply the Entourage rules to the messages in the inbox, that should move the spam out of the IMAP inbox, both for Entourage and for the iPhone.