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iPhone Personal Hotspot support

Hello! I love ToothFairy for connecting to my headphones… I was wondering if there was any chance of adding support for one-click connection to my iPhone’s Bluetooth Personal Hotspot?

This would be the equivalent of choosing this menu item:

Thank you!

You can do this by setting a “Run shell script after connecting” script in ToothFairy. Then when you click the icon, it will connect to the hotspot. The script could look something like:

osascript << EOF
set DeviceName to "Tom's iPhone"

tell application "System Events" to tell process "SystemUIServer"
    set bt to (first menu bar item whose description is "bluetooth") of menu bar 1
    click bt
    if exists menu item DeviceName of menu of bt then
        tell (first menu item whose title is DeviceName) of menu of bt
            tell menu 1
                if exists menu item "Connect to Network" then
                    click menu item "Connect to Network"
                    return "Connecting..."
                    key code 53 -- hit Escape to close BT menu
                    return "No connect button; is it already connected?"
                end if
            end tell
        end tell
        key code 53 -- hit Escape to close BT menu
        return "Cannot find that device, check the name"
    end if
end tell

thanks sir, this worked.

Thanks again.