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Is DropDMG better than Disk Utility?

Hello. I sometimes use disk images to have encrypted vaults for certain files. I have used Disk Utility in the past for this. I believe DropDMG is mainly aimed at developers of apps, which I am not. I know DropDMG has a verify function, and I don’t know how to do that in Disk Utility. Would DropDMG be worthwhile for a casual user? Thank you.

Yes, in fact DropDMG’s name is a reference to the old DropStuff utility that was intended for a general audience. And that’s why the preferences and configurations are designed for easy use for one-off tasks. You can create encrypted vaults in DropDMG using the New Blank Disk Image… command. And, yes, you can verify read-only disk images to make sure their contents are intact.

Thank you. I’m sorry if I missed where you’ve already answered this, but how many computers can I use DropDMG on?

I found the answer: one person or one computer.