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Is it possible to never see a message again in Spam folder?


I was curious if after training a message properly as spam and having it appear multiple times in the Spam folder to somehow make SpamSieve permanently delete all such future messages without having to manually delete it from the Spam folder?

The main problem is that I have the same offending spam messages constantly reappearing. So if I NEVER want to see another message with the subject line “Luma Candles,” “MobileCause,” “Viagra,” “Winter-Window-Deals” etc. (these repeat messages pile up by the hundreds in my Spam folder) can SpamSieve just see them and move them automatically to the Trash? SpamSieve is great, but I am drowning in the same offenders popping up in that Spam folder.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

If you use the Blocklisted Messages in Trash setup, SpamSieve will do this automatically for spam messages from the same sender (name or address). It does not automatically create blocklist rules for the subject, because I think that would be potentially dangerous, but you can do that yourself if you want.

Thank you, Michael. I will give that a try.

It works great, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
Happy New Year!