Is there a script to export Apple Mail's blocked e-mail list into SpamSieve?

I am looking for a solution to automate sending Phishing E-mail to the Trash on Apple Mail. I am hoping that SpamSieve may offer the functionality needed.

I get anywhere from 200-400 new phishing e-mails daily and individually add new senders of each to the blocked e-mail list. Take that across more than a year ago when it was hitting at ~50-100/day and that adds up to a very long list of senders currently sent to the trash. (Can you say repetitive motion injury?)

When I hit the Junk folder, it will ratchet up to ~200 hundred unread e-mails and then racket down after the headers have all been loaded to around half of that number remaining in the Junk folder as it sends e-mail from previously blocked senders to the trash. I then immediately turn on Airplane mode so that none of the e-mail bodies is downloaded and so that I can start Blocking the new Phishing senders that haven’t been previously been blocked (and this constrains the e-mail from reaching out to the internet if I fat finger it). I then power off the iPhone to clear out anything that may have been downloaded to the device and restart the iPhone.

The number of phishing e-mails is increasing (and these ARE phishing e-mails) beyond my capacity to manually manage this so I am looking for a better automated solution and hoping SpamSieve may be it. But is there a means to retain all of that previous work of existing Blocked e-mail sending addresses? And will SpamSieve be able to send these Phishing E-mails directly to the trash once the sender or sender’s domain has been identified?

Right now Apple Mail does a fairly good job of sending Phishing E-mails to the Junk folder (about an 80% rate) but it also has false positives and so I must review the contents of the Junk folder, not just forget it…and Apple Mail tends to forget prior false positive rules I’ve corrected as well. I feel that if I’ve identified a bad player sender, I should never have to deal with that bad sender or that bad sender’s domain again, they should all just go to the trash. (actually would be best if forwarded to some gov’t agency to notify them of the misdeed for legal action AND delete from my e-mail, but that would most likely be an enterprise solution.)

So sorry for the very long e-postl.

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Yes, you could choose Import Addresses… and tell SpamSieve to import the file ~/Library/Preferences/ as spam addresses.

You may need to first convert the file to XML format. For example, you could use this Terminal command:

plutil -p ~/Library/Preferences/ > ~/Desktop/Blocked.txt

to convert it to a file on your desktop and then choose that when importing addresses into SpamSieve.

Yes, Example 1 here shows how you can tell it to move messages that match the blocklist to Trash instead of Junk.