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Is there a way to get an "All Junk" folder visible in Apple Mail

Hi All, longtime SpamSieve user here; the latest version has begun working remarkably well for me after a few years of my junk mails rarely being recognised, so that’s a cause for celebration.

When I first installed SS, the Apple Mail rule used to be set to send spam emails to a local (On my Mac) folder named “Spam”. The latest version’s rule had changed this to “All Junk” - but unfortunately I don’t see a unified All Junk folder, as in “All Inboxes”, “All Sent”. etc…

Is there some way to create an All Junk folder - or if there is one hiding around somewhere, to make it available?


You can add All Junk to the list of favorite mailboxes in Mail, as described here.

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Sheepish, yet delighted; thanks @Michael_Tsai !!