Is there a way to ID/train an email as spam without opening the email?

I’ve noticed a huge increase in emails that should be spam making it to my inbox. The trick seems to be the spam senders are using unique email addresses to resend the same emails over and over. Would this make it appear to be from a different person to spamsieve, thus not ID’d as spam?

I’m guessing, but clicking an email tells a sender with the ability to “see” if an email was opened, that the email address is good. So, they then mark good email addresses for more spam. I dislike having to click on the email, in Apple Mail, when then marks it “read”, thus notifying the spammers they have a legit email address.

Is there a way to train or ID an email as spam without opening, or clicking on it? If not, is there another way to help with the problem of limitless, unique email addresses being used to bypass spam filters?

There may be something that you need to adjust in the settings or training. Please see this page.

No, that usually doesn’t make much difference to SpamSieve. There’s probably another cause of the problem.

That is technically possible, although it’s not clear how much they actually do that.

Yes, this is all explained here.


Thank you!!!