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Is there a way to see all untagged files?

I don’t file what goes in. I just use tags and would like to identify all items that don’t have tags. Is this possible?

It’s not exactly a filter, but if you go to Library and sort by the tags column, the ones with none will float to the top.

Thanks Crux, that’s helpful. I would love a smart folder. Maybe Michael will add that. Yojimbo already has that. He seems to be developing the app quickly.

Adding an Untagged smart folder is on my to-do list.

This hasn’t been added yet, has it? Looking for a way to group untagged items earlier.

Not yet.

I know this is an old thread, but I would very much love to see this feature as well. I often don’t have time to waste on tagging when I toss a file at EagleFiler, but without an untagged list it’s very hard to go back and tag things after the fact.

Yes, I’m well aware that people want this feature (and I do for myself, too). Right now I’m working on a maintenance update for Leopard, and after that I’ll resume adding new features.

Has this Smart Folder for untagged items been added yet?

It’s not in the current version (1.2.7), but I expect that it will be in 1.3.

EagleFiler 1.3 adds a built-in Untagged smart folder.

Untagged records (ignoring ‘unread’ tag)
I know this is an extremely old thread but it sort-of fits my query.

I’ve used the ‘untagged’ Smart Folder but unfortunately it doesn’t work right for me, this is because there is a tag (which I don’t use) called ‘unread’.

Is there any way I can do one of the following:

  • Delete the ‘unread’ tag
  • Have a Smart Folder which lists entries with no tags (ignoring whether they have an unread tag or not)
  • Prevent new records having the ‘unread’ tag applied


Yes, you could make a smart folder that shows records that have either no tags or just the unread tag.

You can also prevent EagleFiler from applying the unread tag by using the MarkNewRecordsAsUnread esoteric preference.