Is there a way to train SpamSieve to block a domain?

I’ve recently been receiving several fake company emails a day from verbose email accounts like The domain “” is the one common factor in all of these email accounts.

I’ve been applying “Train as Spam” to these emails, but they keep appearing in my Inbox. Is there a way I can get SpamSieve to recognize all emails from the “” domain as spam? If not, I’ll set up an Inbox Rule to send them straight to the Trash.

Yes, you could go to SpamSieve’s Blocklist window and make a rule like:

From (address) Ends With

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Also, since I know Ward is a KM user, on a non-drone machine, use this:

This will create a blocklist rule for the whole address rather than the domain.

Interesting article related to this.

So a regex alternative to blocking all of


Would block anytext@anytext[0-9] where spammers (for now) are using a digit preceding