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Issue with configuration file's settings

Hello everyone,

Newbie here, I am MyersKimb, working with DropDMG. I want to create the mac disk images for one of my project which is related to the Smart contract technology example.The only problem I have with DropDMG is the lack of ability to change a configuration file’s settings and overwrite the presented one. Presently, I have renamed the existing configuration by adding a 1 to it’s name and then saved the new settings under the old name. This is litle bit wearisome. To add to the frustration, Automator will crash if you have a configuration file chosen in an action but delete/rename it. This is a weird bug as Automator will crash even if the workflow is not running.

I will be greatful if you point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you are trying to do here. You can edit the configuration directly from DropDMG’s preferences window, and it will update the configuration without having to rename it or make a new one.

I’m not seeing this on my Mac. If I rename the configuration in DropDMG, it renames in Automator. If I delete it in DropDMG, Automator selects a different action the next time I open the workflow. Could you tell me the exact sequence of steps that you’re following and also include the crash log file?