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Issues importing OCR PDFs from DevonThink Pro

I am currently a user of DTP and I am trying out EagleFiler. I am in the process of taking my PDFs which have been scanned in using ScanSnap and is stored in DTP. I want to take them and move them into EagleFiler. My current process is to highlight the PDFs in DTP and export them out then import them into EagleFiler. The problem comes in when the PDF is imported as the name of Title of the PDF and From have odd binary characters in front of them. If go to the file system and open the PDF in Adobe and resave then reimport that back into EagleFiler the issue is fixed. I have attached a screenshot showing the issue.

The recommended way to import them into EagleFiler is to select the PDFs in DTP and press F1.

I can’t tell for sure without seeing the PDFs in question, but presumably EagleFiler is showing that as the title because that’s how the title was specified within the PDF file. (You could try opening the PDF in Preview to see what it thinks the title is.) If the titles in the PDF files are indeed incorrect, one option would be to select the files in EagleFiler and run this script to have EagleFiler set the titles based on the filenames.

The title of the PDF is correct in Preview. I have attached a screenshot. Would it help if I sent you one of these PDFs?

That’s the filename, not the title. To see the title in Preview, you need to Get Info and then look at the Details section of the inspector.

Got it. All the fields show that corrupted data. I assume then it must be either DTPs or ReadIRIS fault. Thanks for your help!