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Issues with Outlook 2016


Long time customer here.

I have SpamSieve 2.9.29, High Sierra on a MacBook Air, Outlook 2016 and a very large Inbox.

I have gone through the documented install and elected to set it up with the InboxSpamSieve folder to be scanned every minute. I set up a rule that moves all new messages to the InboxSpamSieve folder but nothing good happens after that. The messages do not move to either Junk or Inbox and Outlook-Filter Mailboxes and SpamSieve both become unresponsive and have to be Force Quit.

It seems to me that InboxSpamSieve folder is not being monitored and the app is becoming unresponsive due to my large Inbox.

Thanks in advance for your help.


How many messages are in the InboxSpamSieve folder now?

Please try enabling debug logging and see whether anything is reported in Console. (You can search it for “SpamSieve [Outlook Filter Mailboxes]”.)

19 messages in InboxSpamSieve.

Error message is:

2017-10-05 09:31:45.469420-0500 0x38be8e Default 0x0 47359 0 logger: SpamSieve [Outlook Filter Mailboxes] Error: SpamSieve got an error: Connection is invalid.

I think maybe you are using an old version of the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app. Could you try downloading the latest version from here?

I downloaded the latest version of Outlook Filter Mailboxes dated 10/4/17, but I am still not filtering the InboxSpamSieve mailbox. There is not an Outlook - Filter Mailboxes error message in Console, but SpamSieve is Not Responding. Outlook Filter Mailboxes just spontaneously closed itself.

There are some SpamSieve error messages in the Console. I am going to email you the error log.

Emailed to spamsieve@c-command.com.


Thanks. You can ignore the “Missing file group name” errors. Please update your Outlook scripts by choosing “Install Outlook Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu. If SpamSieve is not responding, that could certainly explain the behavior that you initially reported. The next time this happens, please record a sample report.

Sent you sample reports via email for both Outlook-Filter Messages and SpamSieve.


Thanks. It looks like SpamSieve is stuck waiting for the system address book to respond. It may help to restart your Mac. Or you could temporarily uncheck “Use macOS Contacts” in the preferences while we troubleshoot further.

Boom. Looks like I forgot the first principle of troubleshooting: reboot your system. Seems like it is working now. I am going to be out a few hours, so I’ll let it run and let you know if there are any further issues.

Thanks, Michael.

Reviving an old thread here because I’m experiencing the same thing. Have restarted, but issue persists. Help.

It looks like you already started a new thread here.