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Issues with record viewer with pdf with high number of pages (version 1.6.9)

Hi Michael
I’m having issues with record viewer in 1.6.9 version of EF (OS X 10.11.5). I set the “Automatically resize” and “Single page continuous” for record viewer. The problem is the visualization of pdf files, when the pdf has more than 140 pages (between 10 and 30 MB), the record viewer shows nothing (goes blank). I have other pdf with similar size in MB, but with 95pages and it appears properly in record viewer.
I have around 1500 items in my library: The files with visualization problems are 11 (all of them have this conditions size 10 to 30 MB, #pages>140)
I try to put one of this file alone in a new library: The same problem, record viewer don’t show anything.

Thank you very much for your help.

I have seen this problem as well. I think it’s due to a bug in the OS. There are a lot of PDF issues with El Capitan, including with Preview. Sorry, but the only workaround I know of is to use Single Page mode.

It’s a shame, I love continuous mode.
Thanks for the quick reply.