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iWork 08

I’m tempted to start using Pages and Numbers. I see that Eaglefiler doesn’t show a preview of Pages documents, and doesn’t seem to index their contents. Is there any likelihood that it might - or should I stick with Word?

I’d stick with Word. There’s a bug in the OS that prevents EagleFiler from indexing these documents. In 10.4 there’s no support for other applications displaying those formats. In 10.5 there’s Quick Look, but that’s kind of a crude image preview. Word support in EagleFiler will be much better for the foreseeable future. Even the iPhone supports Word but not Pages.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll stick with Office. A shame though - because Numbers is so damn pretty.

… And so are the PDFs that it (and Pages and KeyNote) outputs. EF handles the PDFs just fine. I find that most of my output from iWork 06 has been in PDF (letters, reports, Keynote handouts).

iWork seems to embed hyperlinks created in the native version into the PDF output without a problem. So there’s not much value, for me, in storing the originals in EF.

Good point - I just have to remember to save as pdf rather than ordinary save

Starting with version 1.3, EagleFiler can preview and search Pages and Numbers documents.