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joined files

I recently downloaded a PS2 video game which folder contained a bounch of files with these extensions : *.001 , *.002 and so on.

Example of a file name : “e-mgs3s1.006”

I used HJSplit 2.2 to join all these files, and it created a *.joined file. But this isn’t an image to burn, nor a RAR file.

So I would appreciate if one of you could tell me what to do to finally burn this game once and for all ! Thanks.

You would need to know what format the .joined file is in. Perhaps it’s an ISO image, in which case renaming it .iso would allow you to burn it with DropDMG.

First thanks for the reply.

Secondly, I think DropDMG is a program that works only with Mac computer, mine is a PC, and I have Windows XP. But I try to rename the joined file with the extension *.iso as you said, but no program want to read it as a image file. So… any other suggestions ?

Yes, DropDMG requires Mac OS X. Sorry, but I have no further suggestions.

That one made me chuckle.