Junk folder suddenly filled up with 400+ messages

I am running SpamSieve v2.9.50 on OSX 10.15.7

Up until yesterday it was working perfectly. Suddenly I saw 400+ messages appear in my Junk mailbox. These were not junk. So I selected them all and marked them as Good. Of course that then gave me 400+ unread messages scattered over the years in my Inbox.

So I restored from a backup to the previous day. Booted up and it’s starting all over again. I have no idea what is happening.

It sounds like this was probably not because of SpamSieve. It does not refilter old messages unless you ask it to. You can check SpamSieve’s log to see whether it predicted these messages as spam. If not, perhaps they were moved by a server junk filter, a Mail rule, or another Mac.

What, specifically, is starting again? Do you mean that the same messages are back in Junk? Different ones? New or old messages?

Many thanks for the quick reply.

You’re spot on and it’s not SpamSieve as there are no corresponding entries in the log….my fault for not checking that.

Pretty sure it’s not a Mail rule as none of my rules send stuff to the Junk folders. Not another Mac either …there is only the one. So I’ll contact my ISP

‘It started again’….I meant moving stuff into the junk folder.

My thanks for your support

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