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Junk Mail Folder Emptying

After setting SpamSieve to put spam-marked messages in the Junk Mail folder I can’t use the menu command to empty the Junk Mail folder. Can this be fixed?

Not from the SpamSieve end. It’s a Mail quirk that was introduced in Mac OS X 10.5 that the menu command is sometimes disabled when it shouldn’t be. You can still Select All and then Delete, though, or set Mail to automatically empty the Junk mailbox.

Please help me understand more about this one. I am on OS X 5.5 …

I don’t really see this as a “quirk” because when I deselected “Enable junk mail filtering” in Mail > Preferences > Junk…, (per SpamSieve installation instructions) the Junk folder disappeared. It makes sense in this case that the menu option to clear the Junk folder would be disabled, as it no longer exists.

However, I would like to use the Junk folder to collect emails for SpamSieve filtering, rather than have to create a new folder, i.e. “Spam”. Could you please help me understand how to use the Mail Junk folder to serve the same purpose as the new folder I created per the installation instructions? It does not seem efficient to create another folder when one exists internally within the Mail program already, and is used to serve a related purpose.

Any suggestions?

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Agreed. However, the original question was about why Mail sometimes disables the menu command even when the Junk mailbox does exist.

Please see this page.

Thank you for the reference. After making the changes and deleting the Spam folder, I am not experiencing the same issue as the one originally posted.

“Ahh, now I understand” … I have the Junk folder set to trash junk messages older than one week. This should give me plenty of time to confirm SpamSieve is being trained accurately without losing any good mail messages.

Appreciate your assistance,