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Junk on Mac showing different than Junk on IOS

I believe that I configured Spamsieve correctly so that it uses the iCloud imap junk mailbox to deposit spam. However, the junk mailbox showing in Mail contains different spam messages than the junk mailbox showing on my iPhone. Any suggestions?

This doesn’t have to do with how SpamSieve is configured. It’s just an issue of the Mac and iPhone being configured to show the same mailbox as the special Junk mailbox. You can adjust this in the iOS settings and with the “Mailbox > Use This Mailbox As” command on the Mac.

I did choose the spam mailbox created for imap and used the "Mailbox > Use this mailbox as junk mailbox. Somehow, I think that iOS is still not using it.

I thought you said that you selected the iCloud Junk mailbox?

I believe that I followed the directions that told me to create a new spam mailbox, but on the server, not “on the mac.” Then i used the command to make it the Junk mailbox.

OK, then you would need to change the iOS settings to use that mailbox as well. Also, you would need to adjust the Mac settings if you want the trained messages to go to that mailbox instead of the local one.

I may be repeating this, but I didn’t see it come up in the thread the first time I replied. I think the steps I took were to create a spam mailbox on the server, not “on my mac.” Then I used the command Use this mailbox as Junk Mailbox. At that point the spam mailbox I created was relocated in the special Junk mailbox section. Now even though I have done that, the Junk mail on my iPhone and the junk mail on my Mac are completely different.

It sounds like you set the Mac to show the Spam mailbox as Junk. Meanwhile, the iPhone (by default) shows the Junk mailbox as Junk. That’s why they are showing different messages.

Ok, what I did was delete the mailbox that I created. After I rebooted Mail, it created a new mailbox called Junk on the server, but did not put it in the specially designated place for the junk folder. I directed SpamSieve to deposit spam into that mailbox. It also appears that iClouds mail server is directing spam into that mailbox as well, which I expected, so all appears right with everything. I have not yet taken that mailbox and used the command “use this mailbox as junk” to put it in the designated junk area of Mail.app for fear of messing it up.

I have read that I can have SpamSieve look at the mail that iCloud determines as spam to see if there are any good messages in there, and deposit them back into the inbox. Can that be done when both iCloud designated spam messages and SpamSieve designated spam messages are deposited in the same mailbox? Or can I set up SpamSieve as a drone with this configuration? Also, I use several gmail addresses and they all have their own spam/junk mailboxes, is it best to leave these on their own? One final thing that I read. I have seen that you direct people not to use spam messages that have already been designated spam and are sitting in the spam/junk mailbox to train SpamSieve, I may have done that a few times, and I may have taken spam from the gmail spam mailbox and placed it in the iCloud inbox to train SpamSieve, did I mess anything up by doing that?

At some point, I am going to get away from iCloud and use a purchased domain name for personal and business email, and I’m guessing that would enable a cleaner setup than with iCloud and/or gmail.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


No, the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script requires separate mailboxes for SpamSieve and the server filter.


Well, you can’t really get rid of them. Personally, I would either turn off Gmail’s spam filter or set Mail to show all of the Gmail Spam mailboxes as the special Junk mailbox.

It’s not ideal, but unless it was a large number of messages it probably didn’t mess anything up.

Thank you very much taking the time to help and for all the good information. I believe that SpamSieve is working very well now.