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Just a bookmark, please?


The trial of EagleFiler is going great, I am really loving it so far.

One thing that I am missing that I had in DEVONthink was the ability to grab just the URL for a bookmark (ie, simply the .webloc file). For sites that have live data, there is no point in taking a snapshot - for example, my account page on the banking website I use. All I want is a link, and the Web Archive file gives me both too much data, in terms of file size, and old information.

Is this planned for a future release? I would love to store all of my bookmarks in EF, if only I could have just the link.


Originally I wasn’t planning to support bookmarks, being that Web archives provide a superset of their functionality. However, some people seem to really want them, so now I think it’s a feature that I’ll probably add. How do you propose that EagleFiler should determine when to import a bookmark (.webloc) and when to import a Web archive?

Thanks, Michael, for this level of responsiveness!

I’ll tell you what DEVONthink does: They use two terms, Archive and Bookmark. There are even bookmarklets that use those words. So, when I want the snapshot of a page, I create an Archive (or click the Archive bookmarklet), and when I want just the .webloc bookmark file, I create a Bookmark (or click the Bookmark bookmarklet).

As for drag-and-drop operations, I would say that if a user drags from the location bar of the browser, that’s a bookmark, and if they click F1, it’s an archive. And Command-F1 would give a choice.

But that’s just my $0.02, of course.

Thanks for following up!

  • Robin

I’ve been interested in this feature as well to the extent that I’ve split my storing of webpages between DevonThink and EagleFiler. Since you already have the option-F1 shortcut that brings up a dialog, I’d recommend that you make it an option on that dialog. That way, the default capture is still Web archive since most people will want that.

EagleFiler 1.4 can import Web pages as bookmarks, and it also supports some other formats.