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Just installed, freeze mac mail

I am running 10.8.3

I just installed the trial for SpamSieve.

Whenever I train the application to “train as spam” it locks up mac mail which then requires a force quit and restart.

Any ideas?

That shouldn’t be happening. Please follow the instructions on this page and e-mail me a “sample” report or two so that I can see why Mail is hanging.

This is happening to me on all 3 of my Macs running 10.8.2. I don’t have to force-quit, but Mail locks up for a full minute or two. I have the latest version of SpamSieve.

I’ll send a sample report.

It looks like Mail is waiting for your IMAP server to mark the messages as junk. The root problem is likely with the network or server. However, you can work around it by clicking this link to tell SpamSieve not to mark the messages as junk in Mail.

Thanks - that seems to have fixed the problem. It’s odd that a network issue should cause the whole application to lock up, though. Seems like a bug.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that Mail was designed to block for this type of operation.