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Just loving it...

Great program. I like EF’s simplicity and file structure; I’ve been testing Journler, which is both free and VERY powerful, but the complicated data structure and several crashes makes it less than useful for me.

Using the Mac’s existing filetypes and structures is one of those little strokes of genius that makes one wonder why everybody else didn’t do it.

I just wanted to second the call for cross-grades - we SOHO Notes refugees are legion (of course, I will buy the program anyway, and it is true that SOHO should be the one subsidizing…) :slight_smile:

Another cool feature would be to allow customization of the folder icons - I was hoping that using a custom icon in the finder directory would carry over into Eagle’s. Alternately, allowing manual sorting of folders would be great. With a lot of folders, having some way to make the most important ones stand out is key.

.Mac sync would be awesome.

but even with no changes…THANKS!

Thanks for writing. I like bug reports, of course, but it’s also nice to hear when people are happy. :slight_smile:

I’m planning to add this in the next release.

I agree that this would be nice, but for a variety of technical reasons it’s not likely to happen any time soon. However, you can put a whole EagleFiler library on your iDisk, if you want.

thanks, Michael. I think the kludgey sync solution discussed earlier works fine.

In an unrelated question…ATPM’s continuing series on outliners has been an amazing resource…now that you’ve got your own, will the series continue?

I’d love to see a complete comparision chart of all the products you guys have worked with. There are so many!

  • dan

ATPO will certainly continue. I’m currently editing the article for November, in fact. I suggest that you tell Ted what you’d like to see in a comparison chart.

EagleFiler 1.1 displays custom folder icons that were set in the Finder.