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Just starting, and want to make sure I have this correct

It appears to me that even if I have EagleFiler running, if I want to do a search, such as through Launchbar, I MUST have a window in EF open. If I close the window, I’m closing the library, and EF won’t work without that.
I’m coming from Devonthink, and there I can institute a seach by filling in a field in a menubar item. It DT isn’t running, it will launch. It will remember the last database used, and will search it.

I do not have to lanch DT, and then tell it to open a particular database, and then keep the window for it open all the time. The problem with DT is that its interface cannot be “decluttered” for the most basic, most simple search: “find this word.”

That’s all I want. Just find this word. I don’t want to analyze frequency of occurance or anything. Just show me the documents where the word is used.

You’d thing something this simple would be easy, and I thought EF would do it… but I have to get things all lined up just so, windows opened an position etc etc.

Am I missing something here?

Are you referring to this LaunchBar script?

There’s an option in the Preferences, enabled by default, for EagleFiler to remember which library was open when you quit. In this case, if you invoke EagleFiler from LaunchBar, and it isn’t running, it will launch and re-open the library before searching. You just have to make sure that you don’t close the library before quitting EagleFiler. (Or you can specify a certainly library as a favorite, and then EagleFiler will always open it, even if it wasn’t open at quit.)

If EagleFiler is already running, with no library open, the default LaunchBar script won’t know what to search. But you can edit the script, removing the -- before open and specifying which library you want to search, and then it will route the search to that library.

Another option is to hide the EagleFiler app when you aren’t using it (e.g. by holding down the Option key when you switch to another app). That way you can keep a particular library open without seeing it.

Hi Michael

Thanks for pointing to that script. I was using the URL script, and I’ll give it a go instead.

I did see that preference, but I could not get it to take, at least at first blush. Since your reply (and perhaps with me paying better attention - that closing the window also closes the database) it will “work better” for me. (OK: I"ll work better with EF :wink:

Thanks for your prompt and courteous reply.

And also, hello from another long-timer: I was the first third-party developer ever hired by Apple, way back in 1978, and they have been part of my life for more than 4 decades now…

Hang in there! :slight_smile:



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