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Just wondering how this happens?

Hi Michael:
i hope all is well. I was away for a week with the iPhone and the iPad. I leave my iMac in sleep mode to act as the mail server and all was well until one morning I awoke to over 30 emails (that I don’t normally thanks to Spamsieve) that I had to manually process. Had to do each one individually as there is no way to tag a group and delete it that I am aware of. I knew that there must have been a power failure at home (there was) that shut down the Mac. Fair enough. The strange thing is that I did not see any of the emails show up on the iPhone. None of them went through. Just wondering how this would happen?? Any ideas?

Thank you.

If you saw the messages on the iPad but then deleted them there, that will delete them on the iPhone, too. I believe you can click the Edit button in iOS Mail to then tap multiple messages for bulk deletion. Or you can swipe-left to delete with a single gesture.

You probably know this, but for anyone else reading, please note that spam messages in an iOS inbox should normally be trained as spam rather than deleted. That doesn’t apply in this cause because the messages had not been processed by SpamSieve due to the power failure, so they were not actually mistakes that needed to be corrected.