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Keeping data file in idisk

Hi there.

I am just trying out eaglefiler and wondered wether it is practical to keep the datafile in my idisk, rather than in my documents folder?


Yes, please see the How can I access my library from multiple Macs? section of the manual.

Idisk for Eaglefiler data file
Hi Michael,
Thanks for the reply, I have now transferred the datafile to idisk, just 1 question. Why do you recommend setting sync to manual, as I normally use it in auto mode?

In theory automatic mode should work, but in practice I think it makes things more confusing and error-prone. It can be hard to know whether it has fully synced before you open the library or after you close it. If it modifies the files while the library is open in EagleFiler, this can corrupt the library. Likewise, if you sleep your Mac before it’s finished syncing your local changes, the iDisk will contain an inconsistent set of files (which might then be propagated to other Macs). With manual mode you can be sure that the syncing happens at the proper time and that it completes.