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Keeping email backup up-to-date? ?

I currently use DevonThink, and am considering upgrading to Office version so I can use it for backing up my emails from Apple Mail.
Having tested that out there are things about the ways DT handles emails that have me looking for another solution.
EagleFiler is the only app I see that looks like it’s going to do a really decent job.

I have tested importing email into EF by just dragging the folder from /Users/James/Library/Mail/V2/(folder of the mail account in question)

The mail was all imported nicely, MailTags and all.

What is not at all clear to me is how one would keep the back-up up-to-date. If I simply drag that original high-level folder, it creates a new copy in EF.

What’s the recommended protocol for maintaining a Mail back-up in EF?



There’s some information in the manual about importing mail in general and from Apple Mail in particular. Personally, I import messages from Apple Mail using the capture key and then delete them from Mail. Every once in a while I merge like-named mailboxes in EagleFiler. This last step is optional, but since I have so many mailboxes I find that it helps to keep the clutter down.