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Keeping library and files synchronised on 2 non-networked Macs

Hi Michael/all,

How do I keep 2 EF libraries and their associated file/folder structure synchronized on two Macs that are non-networked?

I have an iMac at home running a demo of EF and a work MacBook Pro that is also running EF but that is locked down such that I cannot network the 2 Macs together.

Is my only option to save the library and folders/files on my work Mac to an external drive then copy this over to my home Mac overwriting the existing library/files/folders and vice versa?



Well, if you don’t have a network, I guess you’ll need to use a portable drive of some kind. You could use the library directly from the portable drive or copy it to/from your Macs’ built-in drives. Using the Finder to do the copy and replace will certainly work, but there are also various utilities (Synchronize! X, Synk, the build-in rsync, etc.) that can speed it up a bit by only copying the files that have changed.

Thanks Michael,

I have an application called ‘Chronosync’ which presumably will do the trick?

However as I don’t have admin privileges on my work Mac would the best thing be to have a ‘master’ copy of my EF library + files on an external/usb drive which I then synchronize with the EF libraries and files on both my home and work Macs?

In terms of backing up can I use Time Machine to ensure I always have a current back-up of my libraries/files on both machines?



I haven’t used ChronoSync myself, but from the description it sounds similar to the utilities that I mentioned. Just be sure not to use it in bidirectional mode and be careful of the Prune Folders setting.

EagleFiler and the syncing utilities do not require admin privileges. I think which copy you make the master is just a matter of preference.


I synch my EF libraries etc that way at least twice a day using ChronoSync. Works flawlessly every time.

I do use Bidirectional, though. Why not?

Bidirectional only makes a difference if you changed both copies of the library. In this case, it will try to merge them, and this will cause the folder contents to get out of sync with what EagleFiler is expecting.


Yes; I don’t. Thanks!