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Keeping spamsieve in sync on one account across multiple machines (shared corpus?)

I use spamsieve across a macbook and home studio iMac. Is there any way of accessing / training the corpus from a shared (cloud?) space; in a similar way to apps like 1password allow you to point multiple instances of a program to a single space (on dropbox, icloud etc?)

I find otherwise they ‘train’ at different levels and the corpus’ soon don’t match as I work across both machines regularly. Also my home mac seems to store suspected ‘spam’ locally - meaning I can’t regularly just check in to approve / block emails if working away from home.

Or is simplest just to turn learning off on one of the machines?

Thanks in advance

That’s not currently possible (except that the Mac OS X address book will normally be synced automatically via iCloud). Please see SpamSieve and Multiple Macs for the four different ways that you can use SpamSieve. You might want to, for example, use the drone setup to train a single Mac from multiple locations. Or you could periodically copy over the training data if it seems like one Mac is more accurate than the other. It’s normally not much of a problem if the two Macs are out of sync, so long as you’ve turned off auto-training.

Please see Using a Spam Mailbox on the Server.

Thanks for the quick response - thats fixed it!