Keeps closing and Opening

Every time I launch Apple Mail SpamSieve keeps opening and closing as though it is crashing and starting up again. This happens repeatedly until mail is downloaded from the server. I am using a IMAP mail account and it is very slow getting mail to my inbox using SpamSieve. Any help or an explanation would be appreciated.

It sounds like this was resolved by updating to the SpamSieve 2.9.24b3 public beta.

Well, I’m not going to install the beta version. I did look at my crash logs and noticed that SpamSieve was attempting to open and crashed several time. On one log entry was a comment to delete extra plist files and when I searched the library I did notice more than one plist file. Deleted and it has been working fine since.

Oh, I thought you were the same customer who e-mailed me this morning with this problem, and it went away after updating to the beta. Anyway, I’m glad that you found a solution.

Well that only last one time. It is still crashing and opening again. Hopefully the next update will fix it. I’m not too keen on installing the beta version.

I think the beta version is safe because it just contains a bunch of small fixes—no major changes—and has been in testing for a few weeks.

In any case, please check for any crash logs from SpamSieve. If the problem is what I think, there won’t be any (because it’s not actually crashing). If it is crashing, please send in the crash logs so that I can investigate further.

I don’t think I received any e-mails from you, so hopefully the problem is resolved.