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Keeps getting through

I find that certain mails like HH Greg & JC Penny and some credit cards I no longer use keep getting through even though I have marked them as SPAM repeatedly. They have their own address to reply to but every message they send appears as GOOD.

How do I KILL them?

If these messages are from legitimate subscriptions or from actual credit cards that you had, it’s best to unsubscribe from the mailings. They’re not actually spam, and you wouldn’t want to tell SpamSieve that they are after previously telling it that similar messages were good.

In general, if it seems like certain spams keep getting through, you should see this page. It will help you:

  1. Determine whether the messages actually got through SpamSieve.
  2. If so, see why SpamSieve thought they weren’t spam.
  3. Report information about your setup and your spam so that I can help adjust your setup and/or improve SpamSieve.

These are from stores that I used to have accounts with but no longer do. I never subscribed to their mail and don’t want it.

I recently reset the corpus and have said that these were SPAM from that point on and yet they still get through. The sites don’t let me UNsubscribe as I have never actually subscribed to them to begin with.

Like I said, please follow the FAQ to verify whether the messages are getting through SpamSieve (vs. merely ending up in your inbox) and to see what to do next.