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Keybinding suggestion: cmd-delete to delete when preview has focus


I read many web archives from within EagleFiler, where I store them until I have the time to read them, then I delete them. I usually put focus in the preview pane so that I can scroll using the arrow keys.

It would greatly streamline the experience if I could do the following:

  • when I’m done reading, I hit cmd-delete; this results in deleting the current record (even though the preview pane has focus);
  • the next record then is displayed (or the previous one if there is no next record), leaving the focus in the preview pane.

Right now, I either need to use the mouse to move back the selection to the record pane, or use shift-tab (which has a small bug that I reported earlier: shift-tab first select any text field in the archive when the preview pane has focus; hitting tab lets one navigate Record pane -> Preview pane -> Text fields in web archive -> Source List but shift tab goes Source List -> Preview pane -> Text fields in web archive (reverse order) -> Record pane).

The cmd-delete keybinding could also be enabled as a “delete current record” in every case a record is selected, independently of the focus.


Sounds good to me. Thanks.

With EagleFiler 1.3 you can press Command-Delete when the viewer has focus.

This is just wonderful, thanks a lot.