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Keyboard navigation in EagleFiler

In the thread “Suggestion: Making EagleFiler a Better Thought Capturing System” AmberV asked if there was a way to navigate to the Records entry by keyboard.

> I will most likely have to select the Records root item
> with the mouse before I can proceed (is there a way to
> get over there with the keyboard?).

To which Michael Tsai replied:

> At present, there is no direct way to get to Records from
> the keyboard. You could Tab to the source list and then
> press Option-Up Arrow. I plan to make this easier.

I have found, however, that I can navigate around the three-panes with control-tab and then within an alphabetically sorted list by typing the first few characters of an item. To get to Records “rec” or even “re” does it for me. (Hope I’m not stating the obvious.)

Thanks for mentioning that. What I meant was that there’s no single key combo that you can press to take you to Records. However, the source list (and the pop-up menus) support type-selection so you can easily navigate to any source using the keyboard by typing the first few letters. More shortcuts are listed here.