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Keyboard navigation

Love the program - indeed I’ve just paid real money for it (following a podcast pick from Leo Laporte).

I find navigation in the folder tree a bit counter intuitive. All the other similar programs I’ve used (and I’ve used a lot!) collapse a node on left arrow or shift-left arrow and then collapse the parent node if you press it again. it’s usually the best way to get to the root without having branches open everywhere. Am I missing any obvious keyboard shortcuts?

Oh - and can you apply a tag to multiple items without having to resort to drag and drop?

(as you can tell I only reach for the mouse when I have to)



No. Unfortunately, this is not a built-in feature of the OS. Among the applications I use, it’s supported by OmniOutliner, but not the Finder, Mail, or NetNewsWire. However, I agree that it would be useful, and it’s on my to-do list.

Yes, you can use the Tags inspector.