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Keyboard shortcut for Move to Folder

Hoping there is a way to have a keyboard shortcut initiate the “Move” command, then give me some way to select the folder. Similar to how MailMate does it. I don’t think this is possible right now, but would love to be wrong about that. Assuming I’m not, has anyone had any luck using something like Keyboard Maestro or another tool to do this?

I tend to dump a lot of material into the top level Records, then work my way through it, so dragging and dropping is tedious.

There’s currently no window for selecting a destination folder, although that’s a feature I’d like to add. You could probably use Keyboard Maestro to pop-up the menu and then type-select to get to the folder that you want. Or a folder-picker could be implemented using AppleScript. You can also add keyboard shortcuts for individual folders using System Preferences ‣ Keyboard ‣ Shortcuts ‣ App Shortcuts.

Yep, the MacOS shortcuts approach is what I’ve done, which works for my most used folders. Thanks!