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Keyboard shortcuts for separate spam mailboxes for each account

I am a new user of SpamSieve and like it very much. After using it for a short time, I decided to set up separate spam mailboxes for each account. The problem is that the key command “SpamSieve - Train as Spam” does not send it to the right spam mailbox. It only sends it to a mailbox labeled “Spam”. When I delete the folder I created titled “Spam”, the software creates a new one (presumably for Apple Mail’s purposes. Can anyone help me. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much.

If you create a mailbox called “Spam” in each of your accounts and use the Change Settings command to tell SpamSieve that you don’t want to use a local Spam mailbox, the “Train as Spam” command will put the messages in the per-account Spam mailbox on the server.

Does this work for POP accounts too? I have both kind.

No, because POP accounts don’t let you have mailboxes on the server. So there would be no way for SpamSieve to know which mailbox you want the message to go to. However, this is only for trained messages. You can still set up multiple Spam mailboxes for the incoming messages that it automatically catches.