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Latency with "To Import ($LIBRARY)"


I’m experiencing some non-deterministic behavior with the “To Import” folder and I was wondering if there’s any log files to try and diagnose the issue.

What I am seeing is some files remain in the import folder untouched for quite a while whilst other files have been successfully imported. In addition, the GUI displays a sync control in the bottom left hand corner of the main window indicating that is scanning the import folder.

But the only way I can get EF to process all contents of the import directory is to restart EF.

Is there some trigger in the GUI similar to the “Scan for New Files …” option that works for the non-import folders?



Please see Files That Don’t Import. You can also click this link to have EagleFiler log to Console the files that it’s skipping because they are open.

I hadn’t see the manual reference for the “To Import” folder, despite having googled for that term - so this explains quite clearly what is going on, which is great. I hadn’t appreciated the technical subtlety of not knowing for sure whether a file write has been completed or not. So the next I see this behavior, I’ll use lsof to check out which other processes have a file handle on the not-yet-imported file.

Many thanks for the heads up.