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Good Evening. My Apple Mail is not working properly. None of my 5 emails and iCloud were down. After 4 hours of phone time with them Apple Mail is working with my Hotmail accounts but not the Gmail accounts. All the Gmail accts show they are off line while Hotmail accts are online.
Gmail IMAP is not connected but the SMTP side is according to Mail Connection Doctor program. Apple gave up telling me it is an issue on my computer. I have an iMac and if I start in safe mode I don’t have these issues or if I sign in online. All that said I don’t want to start all over by reinstalling the OS soI am looking for recommendations for a new email client. I have briefly tried Spark and Em Client but would like to hear from any satisfied customers of other products.


Apple Mail should work fine with Gmail. If the problem doesn’t occur in Safe Mode, there is probably some sort of conflict that you can figure out. If it’s not a conflict with a login item or extension, these days reinstalling macOS is pretty easy—not like starting over—and doesn’t require reinstalling all your software (though having a backup is still a good idea).

If you do decide to switch mail programs, the other ones that work with SpamSieve are listed here. I prefer Apple Mail, but GyazMail works a lot like older versions of Mail. MailMate and Airmail are designed with different philosophies and are popular people wanting something different.

Hi Michael:

Amazingly enough Apple mail is working fine tonight. I have no idea why BUT I do see two different messages popping up.

  1. com.apple.dock.external.extra quit unexpectedly.
  2. routined quit unexpectedly.

I downloaded and installed a couple of the email programs. Do you see any advantage to using one of those versus Apple Mail?? If so, why?
Thank you!

Even more amazing… All was fine until this evening and now all five accounts show errors. What a pain.

So I played around with a few mail programs a and like airmail 5. The only problem is it does not appear to be working with Spam Sieve. In the messages menu none of the Spam Sieve options appear. They still show up in Apple Mail but I can’t read my email with that program. Where can I make changes to correct this issue? Thank you

Please see the instructions for how to enable SpamSieve in Airmail and where the menu commands are supposed to be.

Thanks for that Michael. I have it installed and have not seen any spam but I also don’t see in the menu where I can train as spam, good etc. The program install properly and I have checked the Use Spam Sieve box. What did I miss.

As a side note, after two hours with senior apple support we have most of my mail straightened. Seems to have trouble with Gmail but again, miraculously it got straightened out.

I don’t know. I’ve never heard of that problem before. Could you post screenshots showing what you do see in the contextual menu and in the Messages ‣ Mark as Reminder menu? This is what I see:

Mark as Reminder

Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 8.28.43 AM
Apple Mail

Air mail

That looks normal to me. In Airmail, the SpamSieve commands are in the Mark as Reminder submenu and in the contextual (right-click) menu.

Well hidden. No I know where to find it.
Thanks Michael for this great program

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