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Latest update is causing generation of "spam" folder

Hi Michael, recently, perhaps after updating to 2.9.28 a “spam” folder is being generated, which I can’t delete.

How do I remove?

Which mail program are you using? Is the folder local or on an IMAP/Exchange server?

I don’t think there were any changes in 2.9.28 about the way the folder is created, and SpamSieve will never create a folder called “spam” unless you’ve specifically changed the settings. In Apple Mail, training a message as spam will create a folder called “Spam” if one does not already exist. However, if you are using the normal setup you would already have created that folder yourself in a prior step.

So, based on what you’ve told me so far, my guess is that a server filter is creating this folder.

Were using Mail.app and IMAP

It may not have been 2.9.28 but I think it’s appeared recently. I’ve been on holiday for two weeks and don’t remember seeing it before leaving.

I talked it through with my email host tech support and we established that we could delete the folder (in CPanel) if Mail.app was closed and that it would regenerate if I opened Mail.app

I’m using the drone approach.

There is nothing in the regular or drone setup that creates a folder when you open Mail.

You could check your Mail rules to see if any reference a mailbox called “spam”. However, I’m pretty sure that regular Mail rules only recreate missing local mailboxes, not IMAP ones.

So I still think it’s the server creating the folder, independently of Mail and SpamSieve. You could also temporarily disable/uncheck any SpamSieve rules in Mail to be sure that they are not causing this.