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Latest version bombs in Entrourage


I downloaded the latest version of SpamSieve and, while it works well, this version bombs at least once a day and mostly once an hour. I am running the latest verison of OS X, Office 2004, etc. Any idea how to solve this?



This is the first I’ve heard of such a problem. If you mean that SpamSieve is crashing, then it should be bringing up the SpamSieve crash reporter as well as Apple’s crash reporter. Please be sure to use the former so that I can see why it’s crashing.

Or, you could send me the crash log file directly:


here is that crash report


I just tried to upload the file and it says INVALID FILE. Any way I could just email it to you? BTW, SpamSieve just crashed again, though the first time today.

Yes, please e-mail it to spamsieve@c-command.com.

I don’t think I ever received the crash log from you. If the crashing problem persists, please re-send the crash log or post here.