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Launching Scripts

I’m hogging the forums, but I have a q about script behavior. After my update to Maverick–or maybe there’s another cause–the Eaglefiler scripts no longer appear in the drop-down menu under the scripts icon, in the menu bar. How do I get it back and/or launch the scripts another way?

I’m not sure why that would be. If you go to the scripts icon and choose “Open Scripts Folder > Open EagleFiler Scripts Folder” do you see the script files there?

There’s no longer an “Open Eaglefiler Scripts Folder.” If I click “Open User Scripts Folder” a Finder window (I now see) opens to where the Eaglefiler scripts are. Double-clicking the script there only opens the script for editing, however.

I’m not sure what’s going on there. No matter which app I’m in, even if it doesn’t have scripts, the system menu shows me a command to open that app’s Scripts folder.

Are your EagleFiler scripts directly in the user Scripts folder, or inside Scripts/Applications/EagleFiler?

Okay, it seems to be working correctly now. (Or I was doing something wrong.) They are in the right location.

Edit: I see the problem: I didn’t understand the dual-monitor UI in Mavericks; I was clicking the script icon on the monitor that was showing the Finder.

Yes, I found the default multiple displays on Mavericks confusing as well. If you don’t uncheck “Displays have separate spaces,” moving the mouse to a display that doesn’t have a window for the current app will essentially switch you away from the app that you’re in. So, for example, if you want the script menu to give you the EagleFiler scripts you have to use the menubar on a display that has an EagleFiler window.