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launching spam sieve

I just installed SpamSieve using Apple Mail. I didn’t notice anything about this in the manual but, when I re-launched Mail, the Spam Sieve application does not launch, although I suppose the plug in is working since I have the 3 menu items under the ‘Message’ menu. Should I put Spam Sieve in the ‘Login Items’ so it launches automatically at start up? Or doesn’t the actual program need to launch since the plug in does the work?

You can set SpamSieve as a login item if you want, but this is not necessary. If you’ve setup the SpamSieve rule in Apple Mail, it will launch the SpamSieve application when there are messages to be filtered. Choosing one of the training commands from the menu will also launch the SpamSieve application.

Sorry for bumping such an old thread…
… but I’m getting the same difficulty now. SpamSieve used to start perfectly whenever I start Mail (OS-X Tiger). Two updates ago it ceased starting up with Mail. Now 2 updates later I’m wondering what happned.

SS does quit as it should when Mail is quit. The rule for SS is in the #1 position in my mail rules. It is not set as a login item. The SS app is in the normal applications folder location. The last update worked perfectly, and spam filtering works perfectly once it is fired up.

Not a critical issue, but just sort of peculiar.

Thanks for your assistance!

SpamSieve isn’t supposed to launch when you launch Mail. It’s supposed to launch when there are messages to filter, i.e. when you download new messages from the server that satisfy the conditions in the SpamSieve rule in Mail. If the plug-in encounters such messages and it isn’t able to launch SpamSieve, it will bring up an error message.

Whoop! I guess I’ve never just shut it down and restarted it with no email incoming… ran a test of that and it worked perfectly!

Sorry for the silliness… but thanks for the explanation.


Sorry to re-bump this…
So, spam sieve is supposed to startup when there’s mail to download, right? Would I then see spam sieve in my dock? I know I used to.

It seems that I’ve been having trouble since I moved my domain to a new server (but with same email addresses, same passwords, etc.), and spam started getting though. Then I noticed spam sieve wasn’t on. I’ve also had trouble with mail auto deleting from the junk mail folder (I’m using the junk mail method as described on one of your links).

I’ve tested by sending myself mail through gmail. Restarted mail, mail came through, no spam sieve in my dock, or in activity monitor.

Any ideas?

Yes, unless you’ve hidden the Dock icon. If SpamSieve isn’t starting up when Mail downloads new messages, you should check the setup.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve checked the setup:

  1. I see the training commands in the Message menu
  2. Junk filtering IS checked, but its because I use the auto junk emptying method as described here.
  3. I checked my rule, it’s name SpamSieve, its at the top of the list, and check-marked.
  4. When I test the rule, by putting a spam message back in my inbox, then click apply rules, it goes back to the junk box.

But if I close mail, reopen it, go to gmail in my browser, send an email to myself, then the mail comes in without spam sieve showing up in my dock. I can then open spam sieve and then see it in my dock, but its not opening itself to check mail.

What happens if you select a message from yourself and choose Message > Apply Rules?

Which mailbox does the message arrive in? Is it marked as read?

I’m not sure what part of my trouble shooting helped, but now spam sieve is starting up while checking mail!

Thanks for your help.