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Layout Issues, likely user error

I am trying to create an image to use as a “Welcome” package for new clients. It will contain multiple files and folders, including some applications.

Ideally it would have both a custom icon and a background image for branding. I can get the icon to work most of the time, but what I’m struggling with this background image. I’ve followed the instructions in section 3.6 of the manual. Adding the icons by drag and drop or the “Add Icon” works in the layout dialogue. Unfortunately when I build the image, and then mount it, only the background image shows up, no icons are visible.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or even where to look for errors.

Sorry for the delayed reply. I didn’t see that your post was stuck in moderation.

The files/folders that you add to a layout are only used for the purposes of designing the layout, i.e. specifying where each icon goes. The actual contents of the disk image are determined by the source folder that you drag onto DropDMG. So please make sure that when you create the disk image you are dragging onto DropDMG a folder that contains all of the files/folders/apps that you want on your disk image.

Yes i have been doing just that. In fact when I create an image without the layout, everything shows up fine. When I try to add the Layout, all I get is the background image.

I am using OSX 10.13.1 (17B1002) and DropDMG 3.5.1

That is hard for me to imagine because DropDMG doesn’t apply the layout and background picture until after it’s already copied the files. Is there anything else that’s different between the steps you take when creating the disk image works and when it doesn’t? Are you using drag-and-drop or the command-line tool? Do you see the files if you switch to List View? Are the sizes of the resulting .dmg files different?

The only difference is applying the layout. The layout DMG is slightly larger than the plain one. I will make a short video of what steps I am taking exactly.

Thanks. Please send the video (or a link to it) to dropdmg@c-command.com.

I had to restart to get quicktime to capture correctly. After I restarted, everything worked. So, I feel kinda silly now. I knew it was user error, just didn’t realize how basic an error it was.

OK, I’m glad to hear that it’s working now. Thanks for the follow-up.