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Leopard, Entourage, IMAP and moving junk mail

I’m evaluating Spamsieve because my University email account is about 80% spam (70-100 messages per day) and although Entourage clears most of it I still have to go through the rest of it message by message to clear it.
I’ve followed the instructions for Entourage (IMAP) to the letter (I’m pretty certain that’s true). I’ve checked the order of the rules and have set Entourage’s junk filter off.
I’ve read some of the other posts and have added a play sound option after both of the SpamSieve rules.
With three junk messages the first rule seems to run three times then the ‘Move messages’ rule runs once BUT the messages aren’t moved from my inbox, I think that they are copied to my junk mail folder but not deleted from my inbox (they are greyed out).
I’m running 10.5 on a MacBook Pro
This does seem to have occurred for a number of people, is there a single solution.


What happens if you drag messages from the IMAP inbox to the Junk E-mail folder? My guess is that it will be the same as what the SpamSieve rule does.

How do you have the “Delete options” set in the Advanced tab of the “Edit Account” window? You may need to set it to “Move messages to ‘Deleted Items’ folder” rather than “Mark messages as deleted.”

Looks promising
Hi Michael
this looks promising. Entourage won’t let me delete mail to a folder on my computer (which was how I had it set) but will let me delete it to the Junk mail folder on the IMAP server, which is fine by me.
I’ll let this run for a couple more days and then I think you’ll have my money.
Thanks for your help.