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Leopard, not downloading mail

I installed Leopard and it turned off SpamSieve because it was not compatible and I reinstalled it as instructed but then after checking through things I left SpamSieve and Apple Mail running through the night and the next day. I noticed that I had not received any emails lately and decided to check my mailboxes and they all had messages but it seems SpamSieve was only allowing the spam messages to be downloaded from the servers. I uninstalled SpamSieve and all of my messages downloaded but when I reinstalled and tried SpamSieve again it blocked any new mail from coming in. Is this an isolated problem for me? and if so what should I do?

SpamSieve does not affect which messages are downloaded from the server. All it does is move the spam messages from the inbox to the Spam mailbox, after they’ve already been downloaded.

When you say that you “uninstalled” it, what do you mean, exactly? There are many files that comprise SpamSieve, and there’s no reason to delete most of them, even when troubleshooting. You can temporarily disable SpamSieve simply by unchecking the “SpamSieve” rule in Mail’s preferences. This is what I recommend doing for troubleshooting purposes, since other types of “uninstallation” might introduce additional variables, thus making it harder to figure out what’s happening.


Please start by explaining more about what happened. How do you know that there were non-spam messages to be downloaded that weren’t? (Maybe the only new messages were spams.)

Are you using one account or multiple? POP or IMAP? Do you have other rules? Other Mail plug-ins in the folders:



I am using multiple accounts, IMAP and POP both. The only other plug-in I have installed is Letterbox and it is deactivated at the moment. I have two other rules that send mail from specific mail accounts to folders.

I installed the update as suggested by the SpamSieve page and when I started using it it worked fine. I did not change anything after that. It downloaded and sorted the first couple of emails fine but when I went back to check my mail afterwards it would not download anything. I sent myself test emails and nothing would show up in my inbox or in any other folders as new mail. However, if I went to the spam folder that was set up for SpamSieve it had downloaded the messages designated as spam. These however were the only messages I could see. I deleted SpamSieve and reinstalled it. It downloaded the spam messages again but would not show any new messages in mailboxes. I am not sure what has happened but I am going to delete all of the bundles from my library preferences and see if that fixes the problem.

Are those above or below the SpamSieve rule? Are you receiving messages from those accounts?

Perhaps you need to rebuild your other mailboxes. You could also check SpamSieve’s log to see whether it saw any non-spam messages.

If you delete the SpamSieve bundle, Mail will move all new messages to the Spam mailbox.

I do not recommend deleting the preferences.

They are all below the SpamSieve rule and it seems the only account I am having trouble with is my .mac account. It is the one that wont sink up when SpamSieve is active. That is my main email account so it has to work. I tried reworking my accounts. I deleted all of them and put them all back in and that still does not work. Unless SpamSieve is turned off I can not get my .mac mail.

Please clarify what you mean by “turned off.”

Do the good messages from the .Mac account show up in SpamSieve’s log?

No nothing is in log. It just will not download my .Mac messages. I am turning SpamSieve off until a future update. It is not working for me.

Nothing at all, not even spam messages?

No one else has reported this problem. I’m pretty sure it’s unrelated to SpamSieve. So unless you give me more information or someone else reports the same problem, there’s not going to be an update to address this.

I could probably help you get Mail working, but that would require your answering my questions. For example, I’m still not clear on what you mean by “turning SpamSieve off.” And I don’t know whether your rules pertain to the .Mac account. If you open the /Applications/Utilities/Console program, do you see any errors from Mail or SpamSieve?

Maybe it would be better (eliminate other variables) to create a new Mac OS X user. Log in with that user and setup your .Mac account. Don’t create any rules or install anything. Don’t turn on syncing. Make sure it works. Then install the SpamSieve plug-in and create the SpamSieve rule, and see if it works.

All of the messages are showing up in the log but they are not showing up in my inbox. And by turn off I mean that I turn the rule off. I just am not understanding why this does not work.

That’s the opposite of what you said above…

Are you saying that the messages that are “Predicted: Good” in the log don’t show up in your inbox right away, but they do after you turn off the SpamSieve rule?

Please turn all the rules off. Create a new mailbox called “Test”. Create a rule at the top of the list called “Test” that moves every messages to the “Test” mailbox. Does all your mail go into that mailbox now?