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Leopard? :)


I’m a very happy SpamSieve user, and a mac developer. I’ve been running Leopard for a while now for for engineering purposes and I must say my biggest frustration is not having SpamSieve when I’m in Leopard! :slight_smile:

Any chance of an update on when we might expect a build that works with Leopard’s Mail? I’m happy to help beta test!


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Throughout the Leopard seeding period I’ve updated SpamSieve to maintain compatibility. SpamSieve 2.6.4 works with the current seed. As with the Tiger update, you’ll need to choose “Install Apple Mail Plug-In” from the SpamSieve menu to enable SpamSieve.

Leopard Mail 3.0 CAN turn off SpamSieve

What seems to happen on my Mac is that whenever I install any plug-in to Leopard’s 3.0 version of Mail which is incompatible, Mail turns off all the added plug-ins including SpamSieve. I then have to re-install the SS Apple Mail plug-in.

Since I’ve been testing various plug-ins with the new version of Mail, this is a PITA. Not a showstopper, but inconvenient

SpamSieve & Leopard
I just put in my pre-order for Leopard. I hope things are still on track for functionality with SS and Leopard.

Thanks for all your great work Michael! I love not having to worry about spam anymore! I recommend your product to everyone willing to listen.

Same here - I just pre-ordered Leopard as well.

SpamSieve is a must for me. My spam percentage is 79%.


Here’s the latest Leopard compatibility information.

Seems to be working great - I installed Leopard on a new Hitachi 7K200 disk and immediately installed SpamSieve after the dust had settled. Works great.

Thanks for a great product.

Works with Leopard but…

It is slow to start, minimu 9 bounces on the Doc
and then slow to identify Spam, (it takes along time for the message to get in Mail)

So…compatible yes but not really because too slow

I haven’t heard any other reports of problems like these. Please contact me via e-mail with some more information about your setup and how you updated to Leopard.

slow to load on Leopard for me, too
Takes a good 24 bounces to load for me.

I’ve got a 15" 1.5 GHz PowerBook G4; I used archive and install for my Leopard upgrade path. I’d been using SpamSieve for over 3 years (on 10.4 and I think 10.3) without any problems.

Let me know if you need any other info.


Please e-mail me your corpus file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/Corpus.corpus

Also, it would be helpful if you could open the Activity Monitor program. Launch SpamSieve and then select it in the Activity Monitor list. While it’s still launching, choose Sample Process from the View menu. Then save the resulting data to a file and send it to me.

Corpus and sample process file emailed to you.

I did send you the same docs that you have asked Singerish, and some info about my system

Hope it gets better, I haven’t tried deleting SpamSieve as a whole with all related files, and re-install as new, would you suggest such course of action ?

Thanks for e-mailing me the files. As far as I can tell, something in Leopard has changed such that reading and accessing the corpus is about 10x slower on 10.5 than on 10.2 through 10.4. However, this seems to be data-dependent; only some corpora are affected. This is pretty strange, since the SpamSieve code in question is ultra-simple and uses the normal Core Foundation APIs that underly the rest of the OS. I’ve opened up a bug with Apple on this, and hopefully they’ll either fix it or I’ll be able to find a workaround. In the meantime, it should be possible to make it much faster by pruning your corpus. Choose Filter > Show Corpus, sort by Last Used, and delete the words that haven’t been used within the last year.

Works for me, thanks! Loads in 1.5 bounces.


Too many bouces
Thanks Michael
it did work

have a good day

No new words in corpus since May of 2005

While trying to fix another “problem” (SpamSieve quit when Mail quit–I unchecked that in the Preferences), I ran across this problem (which I was also having) to which you were responding. Upon going to the corpus I found that the date of the MOST RECENT used words was in May of 2005. Why is that? Why would no new words have been added since that time?

The Last Used column in the Corpus window shows the date when the words were added or when they last appeared in an incoming message that SpamSieve processed, whichever is more recent. So it would seem that SpamSieve hasn’t been trained or asked to filter any mail (aside from using the whitelist/blocklist/address book) since then.

Do you have Use Bayesian classifier and Train Bayesian classifier checked in SpamSieve’s preferences? What is the modification date on your corpus file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/Corpus.corpus


Hmm… Yes, both of these classifiers are checked. The modification date is yesterday (December 5).

What are the modification dates if you use Show Package Contents to open up the Corpus.corpus file?

Also, try sending yourself a message containing a made-up word that’s unique. Then train the message as good and see what SpamSieve’s corpus window says about that word.