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Library.log file grows uncontrollably only when SpamSieve runs

First off let me say how amazing SpamSieve is and has been for many years; it’s a fantastic product with fantastic support.

However, I can confirm now after many weeks that when SpamSieve is running, Mail’s Library.log file grows uncontrollably where the incremental size of each growth event is based on the number of messages in your inbox(es). The growth of the log file causes Mail to crash.

When I open the log file in Hex Fiend, I see the following:

Mail[11652] <Debug>: SQLite error 7 (out of memory): Error preparing statement for query SELECT ROWID, remote_id, flags FROM messages WHERE remote_mailbox = (SELECT ROWID FROM mailboxes WHERE url = ?) AND remote_id IN ( {thousands of comma-delimited integers} )

Every time this query tries to run, the log file grows by several GB for me, until Mail crashes. I don’t know enough to know SpamSieve is at fault, but I do know it ONLY happens when SpamSieve is running and the SpamSieve rule exists. If I quit SpamSieve but the rule is still enabled, the problem still occurs. However, if I quit SpamSieve, uninstall the plugin, and remove the rule, it never happens.

This has been an issue since the first release of El Capitan (currently running 10.11.2) and is still an issue with the latest SpamSieve release.

I love and depend on SpamSieve and I’m happy to do what I can to help figure this out. I know there are other Mail users out there with the same problem, but I don’t know if they’re using SpamSieve or not. I’ve worked with Apple on bugs in El Capitan related to preferences not saving, and I tried working with them on this, but they’re not sure what the cause is.

Michael - if you want to remote into my system I’m happy to set up a time to help you see what you might be able to find.

I’ve not seen that problem before. Are you referring to the file:



How many messages are in your inboxes? Is it possible for you to move some of them to another mailbox?

How do you know that the crash is because of the log file? Could you e-mail me the crash log?

When I open the log file in Hex Fiend, I see the following:

Do you have any smart mailboxes?

That’s strange because SpamSieve doesn’t ask Mail to do any big queries. And I wouldn’t expect the rule to, either. What happens if the plug-in is installed but the rule is disabled?

Also, is this your question?

Yes, that’s the file.

Probably tens of thousands total. I will try and move them to see if it alleviates it, but when I remove accounts and add those with smaller counts, the issue persists.

Because if I leave it, the file will grow upwards of 100GB, the log file is filled with the queries creating the memory consumption. I’ll try and send you a crash log today.

Yes, I have 24 smart mailboxes.

If the plug-in is enabled but the rule is removed, the problem still occurs.

That is not my post, but I did find it in my research and when I replied to it, moderators removed my posts for some asinine reason.

Sorry, I was thinking VIPs. I don’t have any smart mailboxes other than “Today”.

That doesn’t seem like a lot. I haven’t had that many in my inbox, but I’ve regularly had other mailboxes with tens of thousands of messages in them, with no problems.

Unless your hard drive is filling up, I don’t see how a large log file would cause Mail to use more memory. It looks like the errors are a symptom of running out of memory (perhaps just within SQLite), rather than a cause.


I don’t think I ever received a crash log from you. Is this problem still occurring?