License Key Serial Name is my boss's name, not mine

Hi – I just ordered the upgrade to 3.0. I paid thru from my ApplePay.

The License Key I received has the Serial Name in my boss’s name, not mine.

Nothing I gave you in this transaction had his name. We do both pay for various software from, and might have both used the business account at PayPal to pay them.That’s the only crossover I can think of, but none of that was a part of this transaction.

I’m worried that there is some leak of my email with his or my payment mechanisms. I don’t really need to know how this happened, but I do need to know there isn’t some security leak.

Should I cancel my account with Paddle, with you, or with all the software we have bought thru Paddle?

The information flow is from Paddle to us, not the other way around. So my guess is that somehow Paddle thought you were still logged in from a previous purchase. I would suggest contacting them to ask what might have happened here. Regarding the serial name, I can update that to your name if you e-mail your order info to me off forum.