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Lifehacker capture glitches

Has anyone else noticed this (and - maybe - found a workaround)? Sometime last fall, pages captured from Lifehacker.com started to display in EagleFiler twice - with the second version shifted down and to the right - so they looked like I was reading them after a night at my favorite tavern. Annoying, but I could live with it. But now that still happens, and then the page disappears entirely. I suspect it is probably something Lifehacker has changed, but I hope there is a way around it. Old Lifehacker pages are just fine. Oh yeah - Firefox v 2/Mac.

I captured a few pages, and I see that occasionally. It seems like the Web archive is saved correctly, and the problem is with displaying it. It might help to turn off JavaScript. (If you need to turn it back on again, click here.)

Thanks, Michael,

That did the trick. Is there access to the Javascript on/off in EagleFiler itself or through Applescript?

Not currently.